Jesus Christ & the Demoniacs

The neurodissent podcast‘s second episode (season 1) is now online! In this episode, we explore healing stories about Jesus Christ told in the Gospel of Mark. In Mark, we find stories of Jesus Christ exorcising demons. Using modern medical or psychiatric knowledge, listeners may recognize these afflictions as diagnoses like epilepsy and posttraumatic stress disorder. In this episode, Molly and I unpack Jesus Christ’s exorcisms. We consider whether Hippocrates (or the author of On the Sacred Disease, as we discussed in episode 1) would have thought Jesus was a quack. We also explore how some contemporary Christian theologians see Jesus’ healings: as examples of healing through empowerment and the building of a loving community. We hope you’ll listen!

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I use open access sources in my scholarship, so that listeners and readers can engage with the texts I use. The sources referred to in this episode are listed below.

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