A Stochastic Parrot for a Therapist

We are pleased to announce a special episode of the neurodissent podcast produced for the 4th annual Big Rhetorical Podcast Carnival. The theme of this event is “Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Trajectories”. Other podcasts will also be recording episodes on this topic.

In the special episode, Molly and Nic explore the idea of seeking out care or comfort from ChatGPT or other chatbots. Following the lead of linguist Emily M. Bender and her colleagues, we call these chatbots “stochastic parrots”. Thus, we ask “Can a stochastic parrot make a good therapist?” We talk about linguistics research as well as our own personal experience using chatbots — both ChatGPT and Em — as our own personal therapists.

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I use open access sources in my scholarship, so that listeners and readers can engage with the texts I use. The sources referred to in this episode are listed below.

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Other credits

Music: “Grit” by Shaolin Dub, licensed use.

Parrot image: “Quaker Grey Breasted or Monte Video Parrakeet” from Dutton, F. G.; Fawcett, Benjamin; Greene, W. T.; Lydon, A. F.; Lydon, A. F., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.